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The Brave Web Browser $1 Million Dollar BAT Token Giveaway!

It was only a few weeks ago that I published my first post on what I believe is going to be the web browser of the future for users who are sick and tired of getting hammered with online ads: BRAVEĀ 

Well, the Brave Team has just launched their $1 million dollar Basic Attention Token (BAT) referral giveaway! If you download the Brave web browser using my referral link, and use the browser “minimally” over a 30 day period, I will earn some BAT tokens (~$5 USD worth of BAT per referral which works out to roughly 10 BAT tokens each)! So, if you haven’t switched over to the Brave web browser yet and you want to squash all those ads you get pounded with as you surf the web and support this site, now is a great time to make the change!

Thanks for your support and enjoy the Brave browser!