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powerpath migration enabler (host copy): how to get and install your license

problem: you own a valid (read: fully paid for and up-to-date on maintenance) copy of powerpath and you are wondering how to get and install the powerpath migration enabler host copy license so you can do a thick-to-thin migration or simply a migration between two symmetrix arrays.

this post will be the first of a few demonstrations on how to migrate from thick volumes to thin volumes using emc’s powerpath migration enabler (the host copy version) and emc’s virtual provisioning. so, let’s get started on how you find and receive your license keys!

a few quick caveats are also in order before we begin. this post only deals with host copy and while the license keys for the other approaches/technologies are free, i only deal with host copy here and in the posts that will follow. in fact, here is the e-mail i received back from the address (i will explain more about that e-mail address a bit further on in this post) when i initially inquired about the host copy license: said the following on 5/21/2010 1:57 PM: Hello, PPME is now free as long as the customer has a valid PowerPath maintenance contract. What is the site name and address? Also what version of PPME does the customer need? PPME-Host Copy PPME-Invista Encapsulation PPME-OpenReplicator PPME-SymClone Thank you, Jessica EMC License Keys

as long as you own an up-to-date copy of powerpath you are entitled to the powerpath migration enabler host copy license for FREE! so, how do you get your license? you simply need to send an e-mail to the following emc address: you will need to include the following information so they can determine whether or not you meet the prerequisites: site id, physical site address, and serial number from your symmetrix/clariion/etc. array. as part of your e-mail, be sure to tell them that you are in need of the host copy license for powerpath migration enabler.

now, you are going to get an auto-generated e-mail back within seconds telling you the following:

Thank you for your license key request. We will respond to your request within 24 business hours. EMC Business Hours of Operation: 8:00am -5:00pm EST (Monday – Friday) **PLEASE NOTE** Requests received after 5:00pm EST will not be reviewed and addressed until the next business day. If this is an ‘Emergency’ request, please contact EMC Support at: 1-800-782-4362 Option #2. Someone will assist you.

but, as always, emc exceeded my expectations and on a friday afternoon no less! within 15 minutes i had a response to my question with all the instructions i needed. i fired them back my info and within 5 minutes jessica had me on my way!

once you receive your license key, you simply need to install it as you would your initial powerpath license by using the emcpreg utility. to see a list of options (like the output i have below), simply type the following:

[root@san]:[3.00.15]:[10:44:39]:[~]:[1637]#: emcpreg Usage: emcpreg [opts] -add key [key …] emcpreg [opts] -remove key [key …] emcpreg [opts] -check key [key …] emcpreg [opts] -list emcpreg [opts] -edit emcpreg [opts] -install Options: -f file license file

as i always say, there is always more than one way to do things. i always opt for the “emcpreg -install” option if for no other reason than habit. here is the session from my installation of the key and the output i received:

[root@san]:[3.00.15]:[10:45:26]:[~]:[1639]#: emcpreg -install =========== EMC PowerPath Registration =========== Do you have a new registration key or keys to enter?[n] y Enter the registration keys(s) for your product(s), one per line, pressing Enter after each key. After typing all keys, press Enter again. Key (Enter if done): xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx 1 key(s) successfully added. Key successfully installed. Key (Enter if done): 1 key(s) successfully registered.

now with my key successfully activated, i always do a quick check to see which keys i have installed on the server. you can do this by running the following command:

[root@san]:[3.00.15]:[10:45:42]:[~]:[1640]#: emcpreg -list Key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Product: PowerPath Capabilities: All Key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Product: PowerPath Migration Enabler Capabilities: HOSTCOPY

okay, we are now all set to perform our host migration using the powerpath migration enabler host copy software! oh, and please note that my license keys are not all x’s…those are put in there for obvious reasons…so obvious, in fact, that i mention them here.

the posts that will follow (and be linked to this initial post on powerpath migration enabler host copy) will deal with a rhel4 server. i have plans to migrate an aix server as well, but the rhel server will be done first so that is what i will post up here.

okay, i hope this helps someone out there on the wire and, as always, best of luck from the dark side…