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A Hut8 Networking Techtorial: Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Initial Configuration

So you just received your Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) purchased off eBay and you want to logged in, get it all configured to forward ports, and get it deployed on your home network.  Or maybe you have just forgotten you ASA password and need to recover it so you can make configuration changes.  If so, this is the video techtorial for you!

This techtorial is the first in what will be a FREE course (Cisco ASA Initial Configuration) that launches at UDEMY.COM on August 1, 2017!  In this initial module, Module 0, I cover password recovery, ROMMON settings and values, and how to get yourself logged in and ready to rock!  The remainder of the course, which will run on UDEMY.COM, will cover everything from upgrading your ASA firewall to configuring both clientless and AnyConnect SSL remote VPNs.  We will even be setting up an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook with the Cisco AnyConnect client, connecting over the Internet to our local LAN, and interacting with devices on our home network!  Hope to see you on August 1st, 2017!