45% Discount Coupon for Cisco Press Site

If you are like me, you like to have access to your Cisco Press books no matter where you go or which device you are carrying.  I always make sure that when I order a book from Cisco Press that I get the PDF version of the text as well.  This meets my goal of portability as well as making sure I have the latest edition and/or printing.  This semester I am teaching the Cisco CCNP ROUTE course at Anne Arundel Community College and I wanted to make sure I had the latest and greatest update to the text.  All I needed to do was log on to www.ciscopress.com and go to my account where all my purchases are listed (see below):


Once there, I just clicked on “Click here to refresh your PDF”.  Viola!  My PDF refreshed and I had the updated 3rd printing dated February 2016!

The Cisco Press site offers some great discounts as well, but it often seems like you need to purchase 2-3 items in order to get the coupon to apply.  I recently ran across a 45% off coupon that worked in June and is still working for me so I wanted to make sure I pass it along to you!  The code is: CISCOLEARN16 and if you enter it in to the coupon section it will post a 45% discount to your order no matter how small!  I have used this with a single book, a pre-order for a book, and an eBook/physical book combo and each time it works perfect!  I am not sure how long the code will be good for, but it is certainly working right now!

Okay, hopefully this saves you some money and be sure to pass the code along to anyone you think might benefit!


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