NAT Virtual Interface (NVI) & Classic NAT: An Introduction

NAT & NVI. When do you use one as opposed to the other? Are they different technologies or is one just an enhancement to the other? Be sure to check out this introductory tutorial, which quickly turns into a deep dive, on Network Address Translation (NAT) and NAT Virtual Interface (NVI) and learn the use cases for both! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “NAT Virtual Interface (NVI) & Classic NAT: An Introduction”

    1. Hello, DelanoC! If you take a look at my past playlists on my YouTube channel (located at: ) there is one from last year when I taught the CCNP ROUTE course in the fall of 2015. There are a number of BGP videos there and we start BGP this week in my current CCNP ROUTE course so there will be BGP videos popping up starting tomorrow! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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