Cisco Application Visibility Control (AVC) & Your Wireless LAN (WLAN)

problem: you want to mitigate the use of bandwidth intensive applications like bittorrent and youtube on your production wireless lan (wlan) and blocking ports on your firewall simply isn’t getting the job done. this could be due to the randomization of ports through the applications.

it has certainly been a long time since my last post, but my hope is that you will find this tutorial to be worth the wait!

as of code release 7.4, cisco has introduced an amazing new feature on wireless lan controllers (wlc) called application visibility control (or avc as it is commonly referred to). avc provides a rich set of application controls and allows for very granular visibility into the traffic that is being generated by your wireless lan clients.

the following video is an excellent example that shows how to mark the wlan traffic you want to prioritize with the proper differentiated services code point (dscp) values and at the same time how to drop unwanted traffic on your production wlan.

okay, i hope this helps someone out there on the wire and, as always, best of luck from the dark side…