BGP Routing Mistake by Level 3 Takes Down Large Section of U.S. Internet!!!

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) can be very unforgiving and that is what Level 3 communications found out the hard way on Monday.  It appears that a BGP configuration mistake by Level 3 ended up taking down large sections of the Internet (mostly Comcast users it appears) in the U.S.  I would love to know more details!  The last time Level 3 had this happen was back in 2015 and the link to both articles can be found below!  Glad I was not the network engineer behind the keyboard on this one! 🙂


Just a quick ‘THANK YOU’ to Daniel Dib who was kind enough to provide me with a link to a write-up with some amazing technical details regarding this outage…VERY GOOD STUFF!  Enjoy!