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Spring 2017 – CTS267-840 (CCNP TSHOOT) – Configuration File Mgmt. Supplement – Week #03

In this exhaustive and comprehensive video tutorial I cover each of the three (3) approaches we learned in class on how to install the TSHOOT configuration files on to the Cisco routers and switches. I cover how to perform a straight cut-n-paste of the configuration, how to manipulate the ‘line send buffer’ setting in SecureCRT to avoid overrunning the buffer, how to ‘drag-n-drop’ the configuration file (after cutting and pasting and saving to a text editor) from Finder into SecureCRT (and we can do the same thing in class with TeraTerm), we see how to TFTP the configuration file to the device and then see how with 15.x code we require the addition of the ‘version 15.x’ line to each of the configurations when we use Cisco’s ‘config replace’ option to perform a wholesale rip-n-replace of the entire configuration. The ‘config replace’ option semantics are discussed and compared and contrasted with ‘copy file running-config’. Enjoy!