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How to Use the XLM Stellar Lumens Twitter Tip Bot ( @xlm_bot )

In this Hut8 techtorial we go over how to acquire Stellar Lumens tokens, how to use a Stellar Lumens wallet to keep your tokens safe (I demonstrate the online wallet), how to fund your XLM Twitter BOT account ( @xlm_bot ) so you an tip others, how to tip Stellar Lumens via a comment on Twitter ( I actually ‘tip’ Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the Stellar Lumens Foundation ), how to withdraw your received tips from the XLM Stellar Lumens tip BOT for safe keeping to your online wallet, and much more including ‘tipping’ the creator of the XLM Stellar Lumens tip BOT for making all of this possible! Hope you enjoy the ‘techtorial’!

To ‘tip’ me with Stellar Lumens on Twitter you can simply reply to any of my tweets ( @travispbonfigli ) with the syntax:

“@xlm_bot #ofLumens xlm” (without the quotes) or directly send them to my XLM Stellar Lumens wallet at the address:


You can even use the wallet Quick Response (QR) barcode below!