Spring 2017 – CTS267-840: Back-to-Back Frame Relay, VRFs, Lab 10-2 & The Final – Week #10

Just like that scene from ‘Terminator’, Frame Relay has clawed its way from the ashes to once again torment TSHOOT Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) learners in Cisco Networking Academy Lab 10-2…and it is just as scary!
In this video tutorial we go over the topology for Lab 10-2 (which will be the same topology you face in the Hands-On Final Exam!) and break down just what the drawing represents and how they are able to create point-to-point Frame Relay sub-interfaces (over which we establish multiple Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peerings) over a single physical serial cable. This is where we again (and you thought it was dead!) run into Frame Relay, and specifically, Back-to-Back Frame Relay!
Hopefully this clears up any confusion for Lab 10-2 as well as the final exam! Enjoy!